Jack And Diane

Penned by John Mellencamp and released in 1982, Jack And Diane became a touchstone for the ethos of the 80's mindset. His most successful and memorable single appears here as a standout showpiece, scored a cappella and featuring rhythmic body percussion. This number is part of the full 80's revue about to be released in SATB voicing!

True Colors

Arguably one of the most heartfelt, memorable anthems of the 80's lives again here in an a cappella setting for four-part mixed voices.

Think Pink

From the award-winning film Funny Face, Maggie Prescott [Kay Thompson], editor of Quality Magazine, launches a brainstorm of an idea to set the fashion world ablaze. Fun, funny, and retro-charming, this production number is loaded with a zillion dazzling stage possibilities. Choristers and audiences will adore this number!

They Call It Fall

This work isn't for publication. Yet. Maybe. I wrote this lyric two years ago, and now have the technology to produce it at home. SATBB quintet with SATBB chorus backing All AI voices

April Showers

Popularized by Al Jolson in 1921 and featured in the long-forgotten musical Bombo, this memorable standard receives a major – and rather programmatic – update. Ideal close-harmony opportunities for TTBB chorus and a prominent low-voice solo.


The highly stylized 2018 dance-pop track from singer Troye Sivan appears here in a much different context: sophisticated 5-part a cappella men's chorus treatment, evoking impressionistic, painterly scenes. A stand-out for chorus or small ensemble.