Michael's Letter To Mama

This recorded version has been a long, long time coming. I've always longed to expand the original instrumentation; MainStage synth bank to the rescue. Then the AI voices and ElevenLabs narration bits. Scored in 1999, this work has gone on to be performed around the world. Armistead Maupin's text hits just as powerfully today as it ever has, and likely ever will. Of all the stuff I've created, I think I'm proudest of this piece.

We Are Everywhere

It's 1989. Just out of the closet and having fled the homophobic Christian music industry in Nashville, David, again a Seattleite, connects with the fledgling Seattle Lesbian & Gay Chorus and writes them a signature anthem: a first gay-themed original work. Fast-forward 35 years. Having been on mothballs on this time, We Are Everywhere gets a major update in time for 2024 Pride. Former SLGC members: don't expect the old 12/8 feel. You are warned.

Fast Car

Tracy Chapman regained national notoriety when she performed this 1988 classic wtih Luke Combs on the Grammy broadcast. This a cappella treatment, created for The Women's Chorus of Dallas, maintains the songwriter's accompaniment devices and makes its own mark.

Holding Out For A Hero (Christmas version)

If you've not yet heard Shawn Cullen's jaw-dropping rework of Bonnie Tyler's 80's hit, Holding Out For A Hero, you owe it to your ears to give a listen. This TTBB holiday production number is one for the books; you know, the ones that tell if you've been naughty or nice. Dance your Christmas pants off!

Something Inside So Strong

Created for Durham NC's Common Woman Chorus, this classic crackles with energy and drive.

Sing To The World Our Light

Commissioned for artistic director Marc Gaston's final round of concerts with Phoenix Gay Men's Chorus, this Broadway-styled pop anthem describes in big terms the reasons why choristers sing.