Alfred Burt was an American jazz musician who composed fifteen original carols and sent them as Christmas cards to personal friends and family members, one a year between 1942 and 1954.

There's a whole generation that has yet to become acquainted with these timeless pieces, each as lovely and charming as can be imagined. Intended to be scored for TTBB chorus, piano, 2 woodwinds, percussion and string quintet, each of these proposed arrangements will be available individually. The suite can be performed as a whole, grouped severally as desired, or presented as stand-alone concert numbers.

Release date TBA.

Titles under consideration:

Jesu Parvule

All On A Christmas Morning
{O Who Are These Who Throng The Way)

Christmas Cometh Caroling

O Harken Ye

This Is Christmas
(Bright, Bright The Holly Berries)

What Are The Signs

We'll Dress This House

Caroling, Caroling

Carol Of The Mother
(Sleep, Baby Mine)

The Star Carol

Some Children See Him