selected highlights from recent additions to the catalog

May 11, 2022


Scored for three-part voices, this inspirational opening number serves as joyous fanfare and mood-setting invitation. Accessible and fun to sing, Welcome Out! lives up to its title.

April 9, 2022


From Heather Small’s 2000 debut solo release of the same name, Proud quickly shot the UK singer to fame, becoming the anthem of the British Olympic team, and later, the theme of The Oprah Winfrey Show in the US. True to the original, this men’s chorus version keeps with the infectious R&B groove and uplifting message.

April 9, 2022


Modern in its a cappella setting, this venerable spiritual takes on new life for your SSAA chorus.

Baba Yetu, the first song from the score of a computer game to win a Grammy award (Civilization IV), gained enormous popularity primarily due to the infectious performance by the Soweto Gospel Choir. Here, arranged for women's voices with rhythm and percussion sections, it retains all the soaring joy and power of the original.

from “The Lion King”

Still able to tug strongly at the heartstrings, this classic Elton John anthem from The Lion King provides a standout concert moment for women’s chorus: 4-part a cappella following a tone-setting instrumental introduction.

In a very non-traditional setting of this classic carol, the winter plains of east Asian countries are invoked. Set for 2-part women's chorus and an unusual handling of rhythm section and synthesizer, chillbumps are guaranteed for your audiences.

Baba Yetu, the first song from the score of a computer game to win a Grammy award (Civilization IV), gained enormous popularity primarily due to the infectious performance by the Soweto Gospel Choir. Here, arranged for women's voices with rhythm and percussion sections, it retains all the soaring joy and power of the original.

Emulating the style of traditional British choral anthems, this work features solid ensemble singing and a poetic lyric.

Taylor Swift's smash hit, arranged for SSAA Choir! True to the original, and sports a fun dance break leading to a killer ending!

March 3, 2022


Natasha Bedingfleid’s uplifting 2004 anthem inspires hope for the future and the unexplored self, set to a hooky, syncopated pop groove. Arranged here for men’s chorus. From the full-concert revue Make Your Own Kind Of Music.

March 2, 2022


from “Peter Pan”

From the full-concert revue of the same name, this 1969 Cass Elliot hit roars back to life as a soaring, triumphant anthem of uplifting self-applause. An absolute crowd-pleaser!

Adele’s cover of this 1997 Bob Dylan classic rocketed the plaintive, heartfelt number to immortality. Set for men’s chorus, all the tenderness and emotion shines through. From the full-concert revue Make Your Own Kind Of Music.

February 23, 2022


from “Peter Pan”

This hauntingly lovely classic from the magical Disney film comes alive for TTBB chorus.

As the opening number for Make Your Own Kind Of Music, this infectious Black Eyed Peas pop classic really sets the stage. Tonight's gonna be a good, good night!

February 3, 2022


The full-concert retrospective of one of the world's greatest, most beloved pop singers. Rather than focusing on her incredible vocal pyrotechnics, this revue explores the song material that helped launch her to musical immortality. Every tune in this collection is well-known, and will rock your audiences.

December 19, 2021


from “Sordid Lives”

This country-fried twang-stomper is a hilarious production number with all the feel of the original movie. Featuring an extended dance break and staggered hand claps, this men's chorus rouser is sure to bring the house down!

December 8, 2021


Todrick Hall's global mega-hit Nails, Hair, Hips, Heels is all wrapped up for Christmas! This fun and witty version of the pop dance tune will be a highlight of your men's chorus holiday show!

12 a cappella hymn arrangements from the 1992 album, arranged in 5-part contemporary stylings.

This old southern-gospel duet-as-a-duel gets a new spin for Christmas! Here scored for TTBB chorus, quartet, and dueling soloists, all the gospel glory shines in this hilarious send up!

from “The Year Without A Santa Claus”

From the 1974 stop-animation TV special, The Year Without A Santa Claus, comes this hilarious production number: two competing trolls, each trying to wreck Christmas. The rollicking 2-beat shuffle feel and the characterization possibilities make this a huge crowd-pleaser!

Perhaps the most iconic power ballad of the 1980's, Bonnie Tyler's smash hit is recaptured here for men's voices and a featured solo.

from “The Wiz”

The heartfelt, dramatic number from the climax of the smash Broadway production, The Wiz, becomes a full, rich anthem for men's chorus. Classic!

November 5, 2021


Evoking holiday seasons of the distant past and warm present, this elegant processional number has a distinctly medieval feel. Featuring double trios, the structure provides the means for choristers to take to the risers as the music progresses. The abrupt end creates an easy segue into opening anthem, fanfare, or overture.

October 31, 2021


Kelly Clarkson's bouncy, feel-good Christmas boogie anthem, for TTBB chorus!

July 28, 2021


This wild take on the classic 80's dance-anthem will set fire to your men's chorus holiday performances! Adapted by Shawn Cullen, and including bits of What Child Is This and Up On The Housetop, this rocking showstopper has it all!

March 4, 2020


from “The Sound Of Music”

This lesser-known duet from the Broadway score of Sound Of Music shines in a smooth, sophisticated jazz-pop setting for men's chorus and featured duet.

from “The Sound Of Music”

This cinematic treatment of the beloved classic captures the feel of a Hollywood premiere, scored for men's voices.

from “The Sound Of Music”

You know I Have Confidence from "Sound Of Music." Now imagine it as a spy thriller! Instead of Maria Von Trapp, James Bond! This wild departure on the showtune classic is a hoot for your men's chorus, featuring small ensemble! (And a snippet of the theme from Peter Gunn!)

from “The Sound Of Music”

In a quirky, subtropical setting, this stage and movie classic takes on an exotic flavor. Arranged for men's chorus and featured duet.

from “The Sound Of Music”

WARNING! This is not your grandmother's “Lonely Goatherd!” This highly derivative version for men's chorus starts quietly with an echoing dissemblage of the verse, then launches into bangin' hip-hop for the remainder. Raucous and outrageous, this is sure to rock your audience's world!

February 3, 2020


from “Girl From The North Country”

Simple, tender, and breathtaking, this rendition of the Bob Dylan song — newly interpreted for the Broadway musical Girl From The North Country — bears little resemblance to the Rod Stewart version. If you need a hear-a-pin-drop moment for your concert, this is it.

from “Anything Goes”

One of Cole Porter's most well-known songs, here done up as a splashy production number that goes a lot of places, this musical theatre classic wows audiences and choristers alike! This arrangement appears as the opening number in the men's chorus revue Swellegant Elegance: the life and music of Cole Porter.

from “Chess”

Premiered in 1984, the knockout team of Tim Rice, Benny Andersson, and Björn Ulvaeus crafted a groundbreaking pop musical about the Cold War, revolving around an international chess tournament. The standout number, here set for men's chorus, was the infectious One Night In Bangkok, guaranteed to light up your audiences!

from “In The Heights”

Bright, sparkling, and full of infectious Latin rhythm, the title number from Lin-Manuel Miranda's smash Broadway hit is a real gem of showcraft for your men's chorus, capturing the flavors of the original production.

The highly stylized 2018 dance-pop track from singer Troye Sivan appears here in a much different context: sophisticated 5-part a cappella men's chorus treatment, evoking impressionistic, painterly scenes. A stand-out for chorus or small ensemble.

Written and produced to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall uprising, this stark, gritty urban anthem from Madonna offers both vivid imagery of the LGBTQ struggle for equality and bright hope for the future.  Arranged here for men's chorus.

You know the hand movements for it. Your audience knows the hand movements for it. Here it is, the ultimate, time-honored audience pleaser that rocked 1978, and still is popular today! Arranged for men's chorus and pit orchestra. And hand movements!

All the dance-funk, all the pride, all the time! Scored for men's chorus, rhythm, and blazing horn section, this 1980 Diana Ross hit still pops, hard!

In 1982, US audiences were not quite ready for a full-on, gay coming out story. Making Love caused a lot of waves, and greatly hindered the careers of the actors involved. But being ahead of its time didn't diminish the resonance and power of its themes, particularly as evidenced in the Bayer Sager/Bacharach title song, sung timelessly by Roberta Flack; here, arranged for men's chorus.

This quirky, charming, positive-message country tune is pure fun for anyone listening! Arranged for men's chorus.

1977 saw funk-disco group Heatwave release an instant dance hit with Boogie Nights, written by Rod Temperton. Here it crackles in an a cappella setting, its only accompaniment a solo cajon drum. A stand-out for your men's chorus small ensemble (or venturesome chorus!)

One of the most well-known and well-loved LGBTQ Pride anthems, this stirring number soars in a setting for men's chorus.

Pink's infectious, triumphant dance-pop anthem soars here, scored for men's chorus, rhythm section, and horns. Raise your glass if you are wrong in all the right ways!

A soaring, epic take on this 1972 hit, Hothouse Flowers turned a dated pop tune into an exciting, breezy contemporary classic. Scored here for TTBB chorus.

Originally released in 1973 by Sergio Mendes & Brasil '77, this infectious Latin-styled pop tune has an upbeat, positive-message lyric and plenty of chances for your TTBB chorus to shine.

Focusing entirely on the lyric as a message of uplifting positivity, this atypical men's chorus arrangement of Katy Perry's blockbuster uptempo pop hit becomes a tender, emotional, and powerfully sensitive ballad.

January 9, 2020


From singer/songwriter Greg Holden, this gripping song evokes all the pain of coming out and the resolution and joy of acceptance. Powerful!

Nails, Hair, Hips, Heels

The very definition of the word FIERCE, this outrageous spoken-word number from Todrick Hall is both a tour-de-force for your TTBB chorus and a guaranteed house-burner. Work, honey!

Mid-tempo pop anthem celebrating the loving family relationships we create ourselves. A lush, powerful song for TTBB chorus.

Framed with a bit of the theme from Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, this substantially updated version of the Sesame Street tune — reflecting a modern view of the population — embraces all sorts of people in your neighborhood. Fun, light-hearted, and up-to-date.

80's Hits!

Newly revised and sporting updated instrumentation, these classic rock tunes still zing!